Unable to open audacity 2.0.3

I just installed audacity 2.0.3 successfully, but now I am not able to open it. It opened initially, but somehow is not opening now. I looked at some of the other answers to posts and they were too technical to understand. So please give answers in plain english for a non-techie. I am a coach and need to
record my sessions with Skype… PLEASE HELP!!!

Sorry you are frustrated, but you will probably need to follow the posts (or links thereon) that you have already found.

Assuming the problem is that Audacity is now not opening because you have added plug-ins that conflict with it, there is a walkthrough that you can follow here:
http://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/User:BillWharrie/Resetting_Preferences_on_Mac .

Even if you have not knowingly added plug-ins, try following the steps in that link above to reset preferences using the audacity.cfg file (the steps are right at the top of that page). It may be all you need to do.


You picked the weenie more than you think because recording both sides of a Skype call is even more crazy than just recording straight shows.

On Windows, the hero software is the four Pamela software licenses. Pamela for Mac gets search hits, but they’re not actual software hits. They just return you to the Windows software – as far as I can tell.

You need specific software to record Skype. Skype viciously takes over your computer sound channels while it’s running and actively resists recording software.


Let’s get Audacity open first then worry about how to record Skype.

So try Skype > Quit Skype. Does Audacity open now? If not, try resetting audacity.cfg as above.