Unable to launch 2.3.1 on Mac Mini (Mojave)

Hi there,

I have tried to install and run version 2.3.1, the package downloaded and I dragged it into my Applications folder. When I first ran it I got a warning that it had been downloaded from the Internet, after clicking the ‘Open’ button, a dot appeared under the Audacity logo very briefly and then disappeared. Each time I subsequently tried opening the app, the same thing happened.

I tried installing both version 2.3.0 and 2.2.2 each with the same symptoms.

I looked in the console logs and do see one consistent error:

Unable to load Info.plist exceptions (eGPUOverrides) (under Audacity (LaunchServices)

Seeing other posts on this forum, I tried deleting the audacity folder in ~/Library/Application Support, but with no impact at all.

Any tips/suggestions would be gratefully received!