Unable to import labels

Hi there,

I’m using Mac mini with an M1 chip. I installed audacity 3.0.4 version as the latest version does not include a keyboard shorcut to switch between text labels in the label track while being able to write on them (edit them) without using the mouse. Normally you’d use the Tab key to do this.

In principle, I did not have any problem writing, exporting and importing labels in audacity. But now, most of the times I have this message when I try to import a label track from a .txt file, and nothing is imported (just a blank label track).
“One or more saved labels can’t be read”

This started happening after I changed the use of dot and commas in my system preferences. But I put them as they were originally “dots for numbers and commas for decimals”. But now, nothing seems to work, eventhough I have changed this many times in all ways possible and still I can’t read label tracks most of the time. only eventually, for no apparent reason, it works. My txt files are in the correct format as most of them have been directly exported from audacity without any editing.

Any help? I’m really struggling here.