Unable to imort Italk Isync audio to audacity

I’ve been using Audacity for months to edit audio files from italk on my iphone. Everything was fine until I downloaded the latest app IOS for iphone 6. Now I can’t import audio files from italk isync into Audacity for editing even though the sync between my computer and the iphone imports them successfully on to my lap top. I can still import the old audio files, which I had downloaded before I updated the latest Iphone IOS version, into audacity. In the Audacity files library for imports it tells me that I need to download Lame for Audacity file. I have done this six times but am still unable to import it into Audacity libararies even though I know the exact address: C:Program Files (x86)Lame For Audacityavformat-52.dll. When I go to any of the sub-directories, or even the exact address I can’t find the file to import it.

Can anyone please help?

I would have guessed the FFMpeg libraries myself. FFMpeg is the system that allows Audacity to open and manage many different advanced audio formats.



I’ve downloaded it repeatedly and tried to install it into my Audacity library but am having no success

LAME is only for exporting MP3 files - Audacity can already import them.

What exactly happens when you import the audio files into Audacity? What is the error message?

If you like you can download MediaInfo (get the version without installer):

Switch Mediainfo to View > Text and paste here what it says about the file you want to import into Audacity.


Thanks Gale. It appeared the problem was with the new app I downloaded when I updated my Iphone 6 with the latest IOS app (so help me God I will not do that again). It corrupted my my Italk, Isync and other Itunes. After 14 hours of trying to work out what the problem was, and talking to Griffin Technology, I had to uninstall and reinstall them all and then resync them and now Audacity is working. Prior to this Audacity just wouldn’t import anything…no error message or anything.