Unable to get to end of audio files

Hi all,
Firstly, many thanks for all your assistance I have learnt so much in the past few days.
I just wonder if someone could help me I have a 2 hour recording of a meetting that I need to edit a bit out of but it’s near enough towards the end of a file. I am a screen reader user so rely totally on the Audacity keyboard shortcuts, however I can’t seem to get to the very end of the audio.
I have tried the folowing:
Control plus end, end by itself letters J and K with and without shift but no joy.
I have set some different keyboard shortcuts to make Audacity more suited to my needs, E.G control 1 and control 2 are my insert start and end marker keys and control space is pause.
Could this be affecting my ability to reach the end of audio as this has never worked.
Any ideas would be appreciated.

If your custom shortcuts are causing the navigation problem, it won’t just be on a specific audio track.
i.e. if the shortcuts work OK with another (shorter) piece of audio, they can be ruled-out as the cause of the problem.

Hi treaver
No I cannot reach the end of any audio at all via the keyboard so I just have to manually arrow through with left/right cursor keys.
Any ideas.
I can’t thank you enough for all your help you have taught me so much which I have been trying to do since January.

On my computer, the home and end keys take me to the start and end of a recording.

“J” & “K” on their own also work for me, (but not if I have “Ctrl” pressed at the same time).

[ But I don’t have screen-reader running ].