Unable to get my input level to 6db or less!

I’m trying to record a vinyl mix using windows vista.
My turntabels are hooked up to the mixer and there is a RCA cable/stero jack going from the record output on the mixer into the microphone input on my laptop.

When trying to set my input levels it seems impossible for me to be able to record without clipping or distortion.
Before I even press record I’m checking the sound coming from the mixer on the input level meter on audacity.

I have tried lowering both the input volume slider and the output volume slider to an absolute minimum however the input level meter is still going as far as 0db,
I have even lowered the master volume on my mixer and i still end up with distortion.

Can anyone help?

the record output on the mixer into the microphone input on my laptop.

The Mic-In which is mono, not stereo, and very sensitive and prone to overload. Most Windows laptops have no high-level stereo-in. I use the Behringer UCA-202 (or equivalent) to provide the missing stereo connections.


Can you recommend a good electronic store to get one to get one?

Brick and morter? I’d be googling the same as you. I think I got mine from Sweetwater Sound.
They have a retail store, too.

I like Sweetwater because they always include Jujubes in the bottom of the packing case.