Unable to Export to ITunes

As I’ve said in previous sessions, my computer operating system is Windows Vista and I am using a Nexxtech USB Digital Cassette Converter to try to download music to my computer and export to iTunes. From iTunes, I want to put the music on a Nano iPod. I have the current version of Audacity installed (2.0.6).I have read and read your manuals and tutorials and Wiki but to no avail. As yet, I have had no success. I think the recording part may have gone alright - in Audacity , Speaker had 2 solid green bars and Microphone had 2 solid red bars. Where it shows it recording, there was a solid blue bar increasing in length as the cassette recorded. One very annoying thing was that all during recording, there was a very loud squeal.

After recording was complete, I tried to do what I thought I needed to do to export to iTunes. Obviously, I did not do the right things. I have nothing in iTunes.

Please, I really need help. This is so frustrating.

Thank you,


Audacity knows nothing about iTunes. You export to where you like then add your exported files to your iTunes library so that you can manage the files in iTunes. Please see Tutorial - Exporting to iTunes.

If you play your recording in Audacity, does it squeal? If so you may want to re-record after changing or tightening the USB cable.


You might have some kind of internal feedback problem… Make sure you’ve selected the USB device as your [u]recording input[/u] (Don’t use Stereo Mix or WASAPI loopback).

Once you get that sorted out…

…export to iTunes. From iTunes, I want to put the music on a Nano iPod.

You can’t directly export to iTunes. You can export to WAV, MP3, or AAC. Then iTunes can take it from there.

[u]Here is a tutorial[/u] for Audacity with iTunes.

For exporting to AAC you’ll need the optional FFMPEG import/export library. For exporting to MP3, you’ll need the optional LAME MP3 encoder.

There are some minor issues with AAC encoding using Audacity, but iTunes can make an AAC file from WAV. Since you you are using iTunes anyway, I’d go ahead and use it if you want to make AACs.

The iPod can play WAV, AAC, or MP3s. AAC is the “Apple standard”. If you buy songs from the iTunes website you get AAC. I’ve got MP3s on my iPod for no particular reason except that’s what I started with a few years ago. I’d avoid WAV files because they are uncompressed and take-up lots of space and tagging (album, artist, title, etc.) is not well-supported.

I’m sorry, but I do not see where I should select “USB Device” as my “recording input”.

Please follow Recording with USB turntables or USB cassette decks - Audacity Manual.

Select the USB Audio Codec for your cassette player in the third box in Device Toolbar (by the mic symbol). Here is Device Toolbar with a red border round it as an example (showing a different recording device in that case):


Thanks for your responses, Gale.

My 3 selections in the third box of the toolbar are:

Microphone (Realtek High Definition)
Microsoft Sound Mapper - Input
Line In (Realtek High Definition)

How do I make “USB Audio Codec” one of my choices?

I really appreciate your help.


This is all explained in Recording with USB turntables or USB cassette decks.

If you have not connected the cassette converter to the computer yet, do so and make sure Windows sees it. To make sure Windows sees it, right-click over the speaker icon by the system clock, then choose “Recording Devices”. The converter should be listed in the window that opens.

Then if Audacity is not running, start it now then it should see the USB Audio CODEC (or similar name starting with “USB”) if you click in the third box of Device Toolbar. Click on that “USB” name which will select it.

If Audacity is already running, restart it, or click the Transport Menu at the top of Audacity, then click on “Rescan Audio Devices”. Wait a few seconds then the “USB” name should be selectable in Device Toolbar.

Only the Audacity recording device should be set to the USB name. Set the Audacity playback device to your computer speakers.


Thanks again, Gale, for your help. Your information is invaluable. Unfortunately, I am unable to persue this any further right now. It seems as though my USB ports are not working. Windows does not recognize the cassette player. I was having a similar problem transferring pictures to a USB stick. I will have to have my computer serviced and try it again. It will be at least two weeks before I can do that as I am vacationing right now and will wait 'til I get home to have my local technician look at it. Once the USB ports are working properly, I will try this again and I hope that I can count on you if I have any further problems.

I am so very grateful for your time and help. I am not very computer savvy and your explanations are very easy to follow. It may be a couple of weeks or more, but I may need your help again when I get back at this.

Thank you so much,


Be aware that USB cables are often a problem with USB audio converters. If you have another USB cable, try it and make sure both ends of the cable are connected tightly. Reboot the computer with the USB device connected and plugged in/switched on.