Unable to Export to Audio File

Windows 10, Audacity 2.4.1

I’m at my wit’s end. I’ve done this 100s of times, but now when I export out my .aup file as either an mp3 or WAV, the window pops up showing how long it’s going to take–and then it disappears roughly halfway through. Nothing I do changes this.

Again, I’ve exported out to mp3 so many times, I don’t know what to do. I’ve checked sample rate, I’ve checked pretty much everything possible to get this exported as an audio file, as an audacity program file does nothing for me now that I’m done editing. I can share screenshots as well.

Please help?

Are you running out of space to put new work? How long is the show?


You may need to take some stuff off your machine to make room.

If you have your show as a Project (AUP), try Shift+Shutdown > OK > Wait > Start. That will do a clean start on your Windows. That’s different from Plain Shutdown or Restart and may take longer.


I have 92 G on a 238 G drive. The show is roughly 70 minutes long, pretty much an interview on one track with some bumper music.

I restarted & when I loaded up Audacity to export the project as audio file, not only did it stop halfway through but the entire Audacity program crashed as well.

I’m downloading Free Audio Editor because I’ve been at this for two days now and it’s driving me crazy and I really want to avoid throwing my Surface Pro across the room.

And I did film video of my attempts at exporting, if that might be helpful.

Try selecting the first 20 minutes of the recording and exporting that with
“File menu > Export > Export Selected Audio…”

Does that work?

If it does, then you could try exporting other sections.
My guess is that there will be one small bit somewhere in the middle that has some kind of data corruption and fails, but the rest of the project will export correctly.

Yes, breaking it into 20 minutes chunks found a part in which a piece of one of the stereo tracks had disappeared. Some slight editing allowed me to export to audio file no problem.

Praise the gods!

Do you still have a copy of the project in it’s “broken” state?

I’ve been trying to reproduce the problem but not been able to. If you still have that broken project then you may be able to help us to discover exactly what is happening. If you don’t have it, then never mind.