Unable to export project as MP3

I have 3 mins 45 secs of audio as an audacity file and it sounds perfectly fine in Audacity but when I take the normal steps to export it as an MP3 although it appears to be doing the right thing the final result is largely empty audio apart from the odd sound effect. I have up-loaded the script but I don’t know how to up-load the slave files.
Kilburn Experiment.aup (16.5 KB)

It’s true. That’s a Project Manager text file. The rest of the show probably is not going to fit in the forum.

Before we get all technical on you, what’s the show? Did you sing into a microphone? Describe what you did and any part numbers you have handy. “I sang into Blue Snowball microphone.”

What happens if you File > Export WAV (Microsoft). Instead of MP3. Does that succeed?


I’m a secondary school teacher and a group of students have produced a magazine style radio show lasting 3 min 45 sec comprising interviews and vox pops, jingles and presenter links. In total there are 23 separate audio files arranged over 9 tracks.

It’s the same whether exported as a WAV or an MP3. In both cases it plays back six of the 23 audio files. These files come from different tracks so I don’t know what to do.

The students’ and interviewees’ voices were captured with a USB microphone like a Snowball and a portable tascam mic. The audio files for the jingles and links were downloaded from freesound.org.

If you want to export all the tracks, try Tracks > Unmute All Tracks (muted tracks don’t export).