Unable to export edit of original WAV file

Hi all,
My first Audacity project…downloaded the latest version from Audacity website. All good, now just need to save the edit of the original file for use elsewhere. Followed the instructions- export > export audio > changed file name to ‘original-edit’ (remains in WAV format), chose location and click save- but only get ‘File not found- Check the filename and try again’.
I have tried other options but always get the same. It only seems to allow me to save with the same filename as the original, which would mean replacing it which I do not want to do.
I thought this would be the easy bit! What am I doing wrong?
Many thanks,

Cracked it! I needed to save the project first, THEN export it…

On Export - curious. I am unable to reproduce this on 3.2.3.

Thanks for posting your solution. Perhaps this will help others.