Unable to Export Audio due a problem with one of the tracks

After mixing down several recording this is the first time this has happened and I’m stumped.

My project has 8 Mono tracks. Total length is about 2 hours. The general problem is whenever I export audio, regardless of file type, audacity will process the export for a few moments and just stop the process. (It doesn’t crash, just stops the export)

I attempted the instructions found here: https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/audacity-2-3-3-mp3-export-of-one-project-stops/56026/3

I found that if I muted on particular track that everything else exports properly.

Is there any way to fix this one track? I am unable to determine what is actually wrong with it.
If there is anything I can submit, like a file or log, let me know.

Lack of free memory may be stopping the export.

Which version of Audacity are you using?

I’m on version Audacity 2.4.1.

Regarding memory 10 of my 16BG of RAM is available when executing the export.
The export always fails about 2 seconds in.

I’m on version 2.4.1

I have 10GB of my total 16GB RAM free while executing the export.

I assume that you already have a backup copy of the project, and have safely exported the good tracks. If not, do that first.

  1. Open the project and “File menu > Save Project > Save Project As…” and give it a new name, for example “recovery-test”.
  2. Delete all tracks except for the bad track.
  3. Select all of the bad track
  4. Apply this code with the Nyquist Prompt
;version 4

If the track looks OK after running that code, try exporting it as a WAV file.

What happens?

So I made it to step 4. After pasting the code in to the Nyquist Prompt and I clicked OK.
A couple seconds into apply the code Audacity crashed.
I then reopened audacity. The Nyquist Prompt still had the code in there so I attempted to export as WAVE and and few seconds in the export stops. (Audacity doesn’t crash, it just stops exporting)

Another development. I started randomly chopping down the track length (in total over 2 hours) and I found that if I cut everything off at the 4 min mark everything exports normally. I also found that…

I can Split (Ctrl+I) normally prior to the 4min19sec mark.
If I Split on the 4min20sec or 4min21sec mark it deletes the entire track after that point.
If I try to Split anywhere between 4min22sec ~ 4min28sec nothing happens. (I cannot insert a Split)
I can insert splits normally anywhere from the 4min29sec mark on…

So something funky is going on between 4min20sec ~ 4min28sec mark.

Since this portion of that track was mostly blank anyways, I cut it out completely.

After doing so, I was able to export the track! Yay!

Still have no idea what the issue was though…