Unable to email an MP3 aufio file to a third party

Hi - I’m using Audacity 2.0.5. Am correctly making Audacity Project voice recordings. However, when I email an MP3-file, it is deleted by the receivers browser. What am I doing wrong? Should my MP3-files not be emailed? Maybe my Audacity mentor kozikowski could help me again, or any other colleague. Many thanks

What happens if you e-mail the MP3 to yourself? Do you receive the MP3?
Many e-mail services will have a maximum allowed size for attachments. How big is the MP3 that you are trying to send?

Thanks for your reply, Steve. I use Outlook Express. Yes, I have emailed the MP3 to myself and it arrives without the MP3 and says, “OE removed access to the following unsafe attachment in your mail: late tues (that’s the title of my mp3 file) to mp3 - Shortcut Ink”. The audio runs for just 6-seconds and is simply my voice; no music. I previously emailed this same file to my sister in Copenhagen (I’m in London) where she reports the same inability to receive the mp3. I hope this gives you some good info on what’s going on. Thanks.

I think the problem is with your e-mail. Try using “dropbox” or similar - a free account should be enough for sharing a few MP3s.

"OE removed access to the following unsafe attachment in your mail:

Or you really are trying to send a virus. A friend of mine succeeded in sending one to most of the people in his addressbook before we stopped him — by telephone.