Unable to Download

Hello, I wanted to download and use audacity for Windows. When I click on the download button and choose the download for windows option, I get kicked back to the Windows information page as opposed to beginning a download. Either I am doing something wrong and maybe you guys should streamline your site to be easily navigated or someone made a mistake on the download button for the website.

Due to the huge number of downloads each month, Audacity has teamed up with FossHub to deliver Audacity. Use the appropriate text link on this page to download the version of Audacity that you want: https://www.fosshub.com/Audacity.html

@christopher1 - we checked, and the download works fine in all major browsers. From your description, I would say that you’re using a third-party browser add-on that prevents you from downloading correctly—the same scenario for some download managers.

Quickest fix: try to download using a different clean browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, etc. (with no third-party add-ons). If you use a download manager, please disable it temporarily.

The download should work fine.

Hi, I also can’t download Audacity. I tried on the new Edge, Chrome, Firefox, etc. With all add-ons disabled as well. The download speed is at around 300kbps initially and starts to slow down until it just stops. I assume this is a problem with Fosshub. I know for a fact that it’s not a problem on my end since my internet is fast and other websites load quickly

I’ve just tested and “audacity-win-2.4.2.exe” downloaded completely in about 2 seconds (using Firefox).
The SHA256 checksum is: 1f20cd153b2c322bf1ff9941e4e5204098abdc7da37250ce3fb38612b3e927ba

@kofi - I just checked, the download works fine, and it is fast on our end. We did not receive any other similar reports. Please keep in mind that we serve our files from a CDN, not from a server. We served over 30000 downloads today for Audacity, and there was no similar report.

Are you able to check the download from any other Internet Connection? Work, friend, smartphone. I would like to know if you’re running into a peering issue. These are extremely rare, but just in case, I will escalate it.