Unable to download audio from a video online

I am trying to use Audacity to edit the soundtrack of a video online for studying purposes. However, I am unable to download the audio from the video in the first place :frowning:. I have used various sites online that claim to do this, but have not been successful.

This is the video whose audio I want to download: https://www.daiweeb.org/terakoya/DB0E8451

Does anyone know how I can download the audio of it?

I apologize this is not a question of Audacity itself, but I figured someone here probably knows how to do this.

Thank you in advance.

Audacity can’t “download” from the Internet, but it can (usually) record audio that is playing on your computer. I say “usually”, because it does depend on the computer’s sound system working properly.

There are a couple of methods for recording sounds playing on the computer. In most cases the “WASAPI loopback” method is best. See: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/tutorial_recording_audio_playing_on_the_computer.html

One thing Audacity users need to be careful about when copying from the Internet, is the terms and conditions of the website. It is easy to fall foul of copyright terms and inadvertently break the law, but in the case of daiweeb.org, it appears that they allow copying and sharing (I’m not a lawyer, but that’s my impression from their FAQ: https://www.daiweeb.org/faq)

NB: Many of the third-party online services which download videos, or the audio therefrom,
also give you a free-gift of adware /malware.

Thank you for the suggestion. I will try it out!

And yes, I was hesitant of using the online services that download audio, but gave it a try on websites that didn’t look sketchy, or were able to evaluate the URL for audio-extraction feasibility before actually downloading. Thank you for noting it, though.