Unable to delete dead audio from files


I am going absolutely mad, I have tried to edit these MP3 SFX files that I created for an iOS game but cannot get rid of the bits of silence before and after the audio.

I am importing them into audacity, using the “delete” function in the “remove audio” menu and then exporting the selection as a new file when It is at the desired length, but every time when I open the new file its exactly the same as the one I imported, the silence before and after the audio is still there.

I know there must be a ridiculously simple explanation but I have been sitting at my computer doing work all day today and its defeated me, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Perhaps not so simple:
“Encoder/decoder overall delay is not defined, which means there is no official provision for gapless playback.”

In English this means that the MP3 format does not define the exact start of the music/audio, so MP3s always have a little bit of leading silence and if you delete it then it just gets added back on if you convert it back into an MP3. The only way round it is to use a different format such as WAV, OGG, FLAC…

Wow, thats reassuring and frustrating in equal measure. Thanks for the response! I will propose the idea of WAV files, should be too much of a stretch for tiny SFX.