unable to create these tones

im intersted in the binaural beats .however i found out that isochronic tones are more effective

i downloaded isomod and i put it in plugins folder

now my problem is i create the carrier tone but in modulation frequency i wanna write 30 but i just i can put untill 20

what can i do ??

You can open the Isomod.ny file in a text editor and change these two lines as indicated:

;control startf "Initial Modulation Frequency" real "Hz" 7 1 30
;control endf "Final Modulation Frequency" real "Hz" 2 1 30

Standard disclaimer: any harm you do to yourself as a result of using this plugin or changing its settings is entirely your responsibility.


thanks man you helped me alot

it was about 2 days i was try fixing this

sorry again
what king of harm it could have if i do this ??

it would harm which part ??

It is just a standard disclaimer that your brain could be affected, in the same way that if we were adding white flashes into a video your brain could be affected. See Brainwave entrainment.


oh my god really

it seem you are so much pro
can you teach me things about this subject ??

where i can chat with you to do ?

Why do you want to create binaural beats in the first place, if not to affect your mind? :wink:

I am not a “pro” and I know nothing and believe nothing about brainwave entrainment. There are forums online though where you may be able to discuss the theories involved.


why do or why dont ??

binaural beats are so much intersting but not effective as isochronic tones but i used to create these types of beats for a person who wanted growth hormone

whats your idea isochronic or binaural !?

can you tell me which frequency give me the maximum awareness and inspiration for arts ???
some are claiming gamma and some theta and alpha

what is your idea about this ?

As I said, we will not discuss these theories on Audacity Forum. We can only tell you how to do something that these theories may tell you to do.

Please use your favourite search engine to find forums or chat rooms where you can discuss these theories with believers.


I’ve made several modifications to the IsoMod plugin to give you better control over the envelope shape.

Congratulations on your successful modification.

A couple of suggestions that I’d make regarding the code, which I hope you will find useful:

  1. For new plug-ins, it is highly recommended that they are written as “version 4” (the most recent version). See: https://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/Nyquist_Plug-in_Headers#version

  2. Use spaces rather than tabs, and avoid trailing parentheses.
    When I look on this page https://github.com/ElliotMebane/IsochronicToneGenerator/blob/master/IsomodInOut.ny I see code like this:
(setq *waveform*
                                0 -1
                                ftin 1
                                ftout 1 
                                pw -1
                                1 -1
                        (hz-to-step 1.0) t

For anyone familiar with LISP, it becomes much easier to read like this:

(setq *waveform*
      (pwl 0 -1 ftin 1 ftout 1 pw -1 1 -1)
      (hz-to-step 1.0) t)))
  1. In the above, PWL should take an odd number of arguments (http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~rbd/doc/nyquist/part8.html#index407). The final “tn” is missing.

Given that the initial time (t0) is zero, it would be better to write this with PWLV (http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~rbd/doc/nyquist/part8.html#index409)

(setq *waveform*
      (pwlv -1 ftin 1 ftout 1 pw -1 1 -1)
      (hz-to-step 1.0) t)))