Unable to align tracks

Hello, total noob here, so i’m sure this will be easy.

I’ve recorded two separate tracks, one guitar and one mandolin. The mandolin track comes in a fraction of a second too early.

I just want to add a delay, or move the track just slightly so track A and B align. This is proving IMPOSSIBLE! (but I know it’s not)

I’m on 3.3.3 and using the clip handles doesn’t seem to work for me. When I drag one of the tracks, the other moves no matter what I do so this is pointless.

Can someone please tell me how I can do this?

Thanks in advance!


So if you have everything selected (e.g. Select All = Ctrl+A), then all the tracks will move together. You should be able to move the tracks independently if you Select Note = Ctrl+Shft+A, or click on the white space in the tracks area or if you select one track by clicking Select in the Track Control Panel or if you select one clip by clicking on the clip.

Alternatively, you could have Tracks > Sync-Lock turned ON in which case everything is locked together.

Hi Roky, we use audacity at our Eugene area community radio station (kepw.org) and I suggest that you check first to see if you have your tracks locked. If you do unlock them. If not, click the clip you want to move and go up to the top of it just under the timeline and click and hold it and move it. We couldn’t figure out the handles thing either.

hope this helps,

Hey guys! I tried to reply earlier, but it wouldn’t go for some reason.

Anyway, I had it locked! I didn’t realize I had done that, and struggled mightily to say the least.

So THANK YOU both for the reply. Once I unlocked…whatever that option (Synch Tracks I think it was for anyone else), I was able to delete tiny sections of whatever track was ahead of the other and it lined up great!

Thanks again!


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