Unable to adjust recording levels

I am trying to record an LP vinyl to computer from a usb turntable using windows xp. I cannot adjust the recording levels in Audacity which are too high. I lowered the input and output volumes with no luck and turned the volume on the usb turntable down, also with no luck. Any suggestions?

If the turntable has an input slider in Sounds and Audio Devices, try turning that slider down.

If your turntable has cables for connecting to speakers, you can also set the turntable to “Line” then connect the cables to a RCA to 1/8 inch adaptor. Then connect the adaptor to line-in of the computer. You should be able to control the input level of the line-in.


There is a slider for a mic under the USB audio controller which did work somewhat. I think I’ll try plugging my old analog turntable in and see if there’s a slider for that(line?) or should I just be able to control it via the volume on the turntable? In any case thanks it sounds better.

You should not connect the turntable directly to the computer. Connect the turntable to a phono amplifier or similar then the line out or headphones out of the amplifier to line-in of the computer. The headphones out may be of slightly lower quality but you can then control the output volume that is being recorded (line-in should always permit adjusting the input volume, in any case). See http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/how_to_connect_your_equipment.html .