Unable to access/adjust Bass Treble,No Stereo,Too Distorted

This problem applies to both 2.1.1 and 2.1.3 versions. I am running Mac OS X 10.11.6 - the problems are as follows: 1) I cannot access the Bass/Treble controls from Export or ANY OTHER tab on the Menu 2) The playback is too loud and nothing I do will change the volume level 3) The playback comes out in Mono when I want Stereo 4) The playback is distorted 5) I have no way to change / adjust the sound quality of my playback or recording. I am attempting to transfer LP (Vinyl) to Digital for ultimate transfer to itunes playlist. I am using a Technics Direct Drive Automatic Turntable model SL-D2 with a Pickering V-15 needle connected to an Audiobox USB, which is connected to a BBE Phono Preamp model FJB200X. Although I think it may be a waste of time, would it make sense to just buy a new receiver and hook the turntable to it and THEN to the Audiobox USB, or perhaps even directly to my computer?

I expect what you got should work a lot better than it does.

So you have a good quality conventional analog turntable, right? You have two RCA cables coming out the bottom and a thin black wire with a fork terminal. It is required you connect those to a phono preamplifier with RIAA processing and a place to put the thin black (ground or shield) wire. If I believe your posting, you got the equipment out of order.

A conventional phono cartridge does not deliver clear, perfect sound. It has very specific tonal shifts and volume errors. It sounds low volume with no bass. The phono preamplifier fixes that.

Not having stereo is a different problem. Did you install the cartridge? There’s a way to wire a cartridge wrong and get effects like this.


Are you talking about the Bass and Treble effect in Audacity? To use that, press the yellow Stop button then select some audio before accessing the Effect menu.

Note that Macs do not let you control the input volume of most USB Audio Devices. So you have to adjust the gain on the Presonus.


To begin with, thank you for helping me with this issue. I discovered that I can only access Bass / Treble AFTER I have made an initial recording - also, I found out I needed a new cartridge + some minor repairs to my turntable. Having said that, I have a NEW problem: I CANNOT Export my music to Itunes. Now, before you say: “go to the website and download the ffpmeg program, etc.” - I tried that but, a pop-up window appeared saying that Apple WOULD NOT accept or open Apps from vendors not part of Apple! So, my new question is: how can I get around this so that the music I have recorded from L.P. can be exported to Itunes? Okay class, anybody know the solution to this problem?

The recording volume is too high which is creating Distortion and, there is NO pop-down on the menu that addresses distortion. It also says that I cannot adjust the recording volume without a system mixer - what is that and, how can I adjust the recording volume level??

Unfortunately, I have no idea what you mean by “adjusting the gain on the Presonus” - could you be more specific? Keeping in mind that the problem is the recording volume is too high which is creating distortion and, I am unable to change the recording volume at all. I get a pop-up that says I need a system mixer - whatever that is…

Please do not use bad language on this Forum. I removed your expletive.


I mean turn the gain down on the Presonus for the input you have the phono preamplifier connected to. Is the Presonus not the final link to the computer in your recording setup?

More debugging - plug some headphones into the 1/4 inch TRS out of the pre-amplifier. Is that distorted? It shouldn’t be.

Or use Windows or Linux which give you a system control for adjusting the recording level on USB devices. Because Mac usually gives you no such control, Audacity disables its recording volume slider for such a USB device. The resulting message to use the system mixer is a generic message. On Mac you don’t actually have a system control for the Presonus.


Please see Tutorial - Exporting to iTunes. At the bottom it shows you how to export direct to your iTunes library.

In the FFmpeg 2.2.2 DMG there is a file “README CAN’T OPEN PKG.rtfd”. That gives you the answer as follows:

Right-click or CONTROL-click on “ffmpeg-mac-2.2.2.pkg” then choose “Open” then click “Open” again to always allow this package to run.

Alternatively, open System Preferences, then click the “Security and Privacy” icon. You should see a message that “ffmpeg-
mac-2.2.2.pkg” was blocked. Click “Open Anyway” to always allow this package to run.

This does not seem to be mentioned in the FFmpeg for Mac FAQ so I will add it for the next release of Audacity.


Thanks for the info -I have a new question: what is the most secure site for downloading the Linus program you speak of? Exactly what Linus program should I look for? While we’re on the subject, if I wanted to use Windows I have the same question: what is the most secure site and exactly which program or version will go with my current set up? - G -

Linux (not Linus) is not an application, it’s an operating system, like Windows.

There are several hundred version of Linux. Ubuntu is one of the most user-friendly.

You could buy Windows 10 from Microsoft: https://www.microsoftstore.com/store/msusa/en_US/pdp/Windows-10-Home/productID.319937100.

If you want to dual boot between macOS and another operating system, choosing one or the other at boot, Windows is much easier because Apple Boot Camp lets you install Windows and then handles the dual boot for you.

Linux would be a better option if you wanted to buy a new machine, but there is a way to Dual Boot Linux on a Mac or to install Ubuntu on Mac using Boot Camp which also lets you dual boot into Ubuntu.

Another way to is to run Windows or Linux inside macOS as a “Virtual Machine”. But then you have to install a virtual machine for Mac and make sure it can run Linux (not all can). A virtual machine uses RAM and can slow up the computer.

You can also run many Linux distributions like Ubuntu from a Live CD without installing them. This will use up RAM like the virtual machine and probably make the computer even slower.

We can’t help you with any of the above. It would be simpler to turn the gain down on the Presonus input, in my opinion.


To begin with, I think of all the choices you gave me for solving this problem ( for which I thank you ), turning down the Gain on the Presonus sounds like the best solution. Just one problem: I have absolutely no idea how to do that, as there is nothing on my screen that even has that title - let alone an adjustment for it. - G -

The gain control is a knob on the front of the device. For more information, refer to the Presonus manual http://www.presonus.com/products/AudioBox-USB/downloads

Okay, I will make this short and sweet: I went to the Presonus website you indicated where I saw at least a half-dozen or so programs I can download. Here’s the problem: I have no idea WHICH of those programs will best suit my needs - in addition, supposedly the device comes with its own software that allows you to mix, adjust volume levels, etc. Unfortunately not only do I have no idea how to access this (there was no owner’s manual in the box when I opened it), but, I do not know if said program is compatible with Audacity! Bottom line: I STILL am unable to transfer my LP’s to Digital without too high volume, distortion, etc. P.S. Good luck trying to get someone on the phone at Presonus!

I didn’t say anything about downloading a program. My suggestion was that you downloaded the owners manual.

Why is it so hard to turn a knob? Look at the front of the Audiobox. There are two input connections numbered 1 and 2. Decide whether you have the cable connected to input 1 or 2. If you are connected to 1, turn knob number 1 leftwards. If you are connected to 2, turn knob number 2 leftwards.

If you need the control software, “Universal Control 2.0.2 - Mac” (the current version) is the best one to try. It says it is for Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan, and Sierra. According to what you wrote you are on El Capitan so it should be compatible.


Okay, let me be clear: I went to the website you originally indicated - there was nothing about an owner’s manual - just various software programs I could download. Next, I turned the knobs in question - guess what happened? Absolutely nothing! The volume is still too high and did not go down one iota, same with the distortion. However, I do appreciate your responding to my issue as quickly as you have and I thank you for that. - G -

Also, exactly what site do I go to in order to download that control software you mentioned?

Update: I went back to the site and discovered I had clicked on the wrong icon - I now have the owner’s manual as well as the universal control you indicated. I’ll get back to you as necessary.

As I said, one useful piece of debugging you could try would be to listen to the output of the pre-amplifier. Is that too loud/distorted?