Un-Removable clicks in audio?

OS version: Windows 10
Audacity: obtained through .exe
using version 2.1.0

I recently had downoladed an audio file off of youtube, and I wanted to fix it because there were annoying clicks and “blips” in the audio. After much trial and error, click remover had done nothing no matter what I tried. I have here a short WAV file with the best examples of this, and the full file in MP3 form.

If anyone can provide help, please do! I am very new to audacity and audio editing in general.

MP3: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zxv99gqnvr3sbd2/MP3training.mp3?dl=0

The blips are places where the sound vanishes. They are not little errors and they will not respond to patches or filters.


Is there any way to fix this? I have tried cutting out the “blips” however that seems to alter the tempo of the particular part of the track. (I have no way to access a version of the file without these noises, as I am not the one who made/retreived it)

In other words, the clicks occur because the sound is missing.

Did you download the song or record it?

Have you looked for other copies of the song on YouTube or other sites?


I have, and alas, there are none. (I downloaded the song, by the way)

I do own the game the music is from, however I have not been able to find public instructions on ripping WiiU music. (which is beyond audacity’s control.)

Anyways, thanks for the help!

I have tried cutting out the “blips” however that seems to alter the tempo of the particular part of the track.

Right. You have removed time from that track. That track will get to the end of the song before the others. If you roll the timeline to the right-hand side, the end, you will see that “corrected” track is shorter.

Getting a good grip on how the timeline works is a learning process.

There is one weapons-grade obsessive thing you can do. You can copy the same note from somewhere else in the song and paste it in the hole. Repeat as needed. You have to learn accurate editing without disrupting time, matching waveform direction and zero-crossings, etc. That can’t take you any more than six weeks.