UMC202HD stops recording randomly on Windows 10

Hi there. I am having a problem with Audacity stopping my recordings in the middle of a session.This occurs randomly anywhere between 7.2 seconds and 4’50" consistently. It is just a stop: I can start recording again afterwards, edit, etc. without problems.

I am using a MLX770 microphone connected to a Behringer U-Phoria UMC202HD interface, the connected to the USB port in the back of my Acer Aspire TC-220 desktop computer, running Windows 10 Home 1803.

Here is what I have done so far for troubleshooting.

  • I have been sure to disable my antivirus and other background processes like Skype and Google Drive.
  • I have tried multiple USB ports.
  • I have swapped the USB cord (although both cords are middling quality.)
  • I have ensured I have the latest drivers and software for the UMC202HD.
  • I tried rolling back the drivers… and then updating them again when that didn’t work.
  • I have updated to the latest Audacity build as of Yesterday.
  • I loaded and tried Ocean Audio to see if it was an Audacity-specific problem… I had a similar experience where Ocean Audio froze and recorded a bunch of static on the track suddenly.
  • I have disabled overdub, as I do not need it and it is known to cause issues with the UMC202HD.
  • I defragged my hard disk manually.
  • I have updated by sound card (Realtek HD Audio) to the latest drivers.
  • I have disabled software playthrough.
  • I have both deactivated and physically removed by USB wifi dongle.
  • I have set Audacity’s resource use to High Priority in Windows Task Manager.
  • I have set the project rate to 48000.
  • I have set my default sample format to 16bit.

This mic and interface setup is new to me. Until recently I was using a Blue Snowball Ice USB microphone. I occasionally experienced these random stops, but it was exceedingly rare. With the analog mic and Behringer it is persistent with every recording.

I really want to step up my game, and while most of that is about me learning to record better, upgrading from a USB mic to an analog setup is a high priority for me. I am up against a deadline at the end of the month, and so I am going to have to do my latest product on the Blue Again. But I would like to have this working.

At present my planned next steps are:

  • Buy a much higher quality USB cable.
  • Try a different computer.

But I am very open to suggestions that don’t require me to commandeer my wife’s laptop, replace my computer, or put down money on cables.

Try a different computer.

That one.


I had one of those. It finally responded to constant, all-night pounding by a comprehensive memory checker.



If that one becomes my necessary long-term solution, where can I find recommendations for the lightest weight and most affordable Windows laptop or Netbook for use purely with audacity and an analog microphone?

what software did you use?

MEMCHECK, but a really early version. Google your brains out. It has to be able to do multiple passes and have more than one test. MEMTEST seems to be current.

This was all back when I was still using Windows machines.