UI upgrade

Would you be interested in something like this ?
audacity UI buttons.png
Audacity UI colours.png

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What are you showing us? Is that a custom theme that you’ve made for Audacity?

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  1. I do not know how to code

  2. This is a PNG from Inkscape

  3. I can make complete mockup if required, but would need some help to make it an Audacity theme.

Looks like I have learned how to make modifications
Audacity my theme.png

Cool :sunglasses:


Is there any SVG which represents ImageCache.png file ?

Audacity themes don’t use SVG, they use a PNG file. See: https://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/Theming_HowTo

Ok. Are you planning to keep it that way ?

If possible, can you tell me what the colour palette below do ? They are Audacity colour palette ? What if I change colours in it ? Thanks.

PS : I read the link.

The only information that I have about themes, is in the documentation. I rarely use any themes other than the built-in themes, though I have previously worked through the instructions (as per link) to check that they work.

Audacity uses a PNG image rather than SVG so as to be compatible with WxWidgets, which is the toolkit that Audacity uses for cross-platform support.

Hi there,

Maybe, to simplify things, we can try to experiment with an SVG file that can be exported to PNG and then consumed by Audacity.
Just an idea. What do you think?

Your toolbar is starting to look nice! But it looks unfinished… would you like to continue? Looks like it has potential! :sunglasses:

Thank you.

I did complete the theme. A part of it is based on a dark theme by another author who has not responded to my communication about sharing the light theme with proper credits. So I kept it for myself. Besides, I find it hard to identify which colour goes where. There is documentation and tooltips, but they are not clear enough for me.

I got a go-ahead from Podel1. I think I can share the theme image now. Even though it is based on the dark theme I mentioned, I made a lot of changes from the base image.

It has some minor alignment problems but it still looks good. I would appreciate if you have any idea to improve this theme. Only thing is, you will have to tell me to change where, because the many boxes of the theme image is still a puzzle to me.