UI: Position indicator

Audacity 2.1.2

When you hover over the timeline a yellow line appears over all tracks indicating the current position, however when you use the select tool and click a track, the position indicator only appears on that track. Is there a way to have the position indicator appear over all tracks when not hovering over the timeline?

That cursor line will appear in all “selected tracks”, plus the track that has “focus”.

A “selected track” is indicated by the control panel on the left of the track being highlighted in darker grey.
Most edits and operations are applied to the “selected” track(s), though note that by default, if an operation requires a time selection, then the “Select all if none selected” will kick in and select the entire project (see: http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/tracks_preferences.html#behaviors)

If a track “has focus”, then the track is given a yellow border. You can think of this as “the current track”. To change focus from one track to another, use the Up/Down arrow keys.

To toggle track selection on/off, move “focus” to the track, then press “Enter”.

If the cursor is above or below all the tracks that you want to add the cursor to, holding SHIFT while using DOWN or UP arrow as appropriate is all that is needed.