UI - multitrack improvements


I’ve used Audacity in multitrack mode for recording purposes. I’m so happy this software is free and i don’t have to crack insanely expensive programs.

Here’s my feedback :

  • the track volume button should be accessible anytime. In the compact mode (10+tracks displayed) it does not show up, yet this is one of the most used thing in the recording process. Same for panning.

  • in Audacity the mouse cursor often changes to vertical zooming of channels (left/right channels) which is useless - at least to me. We often want to select the track instead, to select a begin/end range.
    I also think switching stereo tracks into single mono tracks this way is bad. Who wants to do that ?

  • in the old CoolEdit software, a double click on a track would display it individually for specific editing. So there was 2 views : multitrack and single track. I would love to see this in Audacity :slight_smile:

Keep up the amazing work !


Thank you for the feedback! In order:

  • This is definitely something we want to do. Turn the pan slider into a knob, put it into the same line as the volume, and make the track header slightly wider so the important controls remain visible at smaller sizes.
  • This is something I actually want to try implementing later today; restrict the resizing handles to only fire in the track header area, instead of across the entire track.
  • This modeful design is something that’s very common in DAWs but something I’d like to avoid for as long as possible. It requires the user to understand that there’s one mode in which they edit a source, and another in which they edit a reference to the source. Audacity currently is unique in letting you do both do destructive and non-destructive edits at once, without requiring modes, and I think that greatly contributes it to being less difficult to learn than some other DAWs.

some feedback from a podcaster creator in a non-profit Radio,

Switching from singletrack (no destructive edit) tab to multitracks tab, embed filemanager with preview are features we are really looking for, Audacity definitively need a better workflow for non musical project and Adobe Audition will be a great inspiration for that.

We loved switch to Audacity but we are stuck on Adobe Audition for moment. I hope a day I will be able to switch to Audacity and learn to others how to use it efficiently.