UFO 202 with one dead channel

I received the UFO-202 for Xmas. I think it doesn’t work properly.

The LEFT channel is the only channel that accepts audio input. Right input is completely dead. This is irrespective of Phono or Line inputs. Output via USB cord is two identical waveforms, recorded by Audacity on Win7 machine.

I don’t know what the RCA jack outputs look like.

Serial no. S1111457A12; date code 1105. says Made in China, plastic is stamped N11999.

This phenomena is exactly the same for the replacement unit I received from Amazon. LEFT channel accepts input and RIGHT does not. This one is serial number S1116471A12 Date code 1112.

Am I doing something wrong? Have I missed something? Or, did I just get two units with the same problem in a row?

You’ve been through the diagnostics, right? Plug the one working turntable cable into both 202 sockets one at a time?

The web site tells us that the headphone connection is to listen to the input, we assume the turntable. Try that. Plug your headphones or earbuds into the 202 and move one turntable plug between left and right. The music should shift between your ears.

It’s difficult to believe your system is broken that way. It’s much more likely you have a Stereo/Mono setting wrong somewhere. If the A/D failed, you wouldn’t get anything and if the analog processing failed, you would only get Left and a straight line, not the same thing Left and Right.

Dig in the Windows Control Panels and make sure they’re in stereo and Audacity > Edit > Preferences > Devices > Recording > Stereo.


Check that the recording settings in the Windows Sound Control Panel are set to 2 channel stereo (they often default to mono).