ubuntu basics

I run 14.04 ubuntu. I have a Steinberg RT2 interface. I plan to use it with a Mac but not for a few months. My current PC is an older slower dual core pentium with 3 gigs ram. I want to learn how to use the interface and DAWs in general for now on this set up.
I am playing around with the RT2 in mono with an older AKG SE 300B mic.I will post a pic of the graph…I have my gain levels past halfway on the RT2.
Is this high enough?
Also the AKG has a switch on it for LIN/75hz/-10b which one should I be on??
The RT2 ran right out of the box. Is this unusual? The instructions made it sound like I had to install software but it works without doing that…???
I cant figure out how to set the levels on the mic…Is there an auto setting that will avoid clipping on its own??
I will have a lot more questions I’m sure before I understand how DAWs work… thanks

Audacity crashes the PC a lot. here is a graph of levels. I put the mic level at .70 and that got me 6 db at the highs but the rest seems too low.Can I clip a little in order to get the body os sound a bit higher??

Best to not clip at all. Clipping causes permanent damage that cannot be fixed.
A peak recording level of 0.7 is fine - we generally recommend a peak level of around 0.5, but a little over 0.5 is perfectly acceptable, provided that you avoid clipping.

After the recording is complete, you can normalize the recording to bring the level up. https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/normalize.html

wrong pic on desktop this is the one