ubuntu 11.10 guitar sounding strange

I have a USB interface to plug my guitar into and then to my computer it is Audiobox USB by presonus. when I have the track on monitor my guitar sounds almost like it has a slicer effect or something on it. but when i record it it doesn’t sound as bad (but is still there). I think its something with the play back settings. when I set the bit rate and everything to where it sounds okay it crashes shortly after… is this something wrong with my kernel rate?

Can you upload a short sample of it? Only a few seconds. Export it either as WAV or FLAC. The file should be smaller than 1MB.

To upload to the forum, when you post a reply, look at the Upload attachment tab under the text box.

well it doesn’t do it in the recording… not as much at least. I can just barely hear it in the recording playback. its only on the monitor of the instrument.

Do you have software playthrough on? Is the problem gone if you turn it off?
Software playthrough is known for causing trouble on linux.