UBS conection


I’m been working with Audacity for years with a Line In connection from a mixing board to my desktop (PC). A while ago we needed to replace the mixing board and I picked up an Alesis MultiMix 8 USB in hopes of being able to work from my laptop as well.

I’ve never been able to make the USB connection work properly and have continued to use the Line In connection as we always have, with excellent results. But I do have some smaller projects going on and I’d really rather not lug the desktop around. I’d appreciate any advice on this matter from anyone who has been able to make it work.

I have selected the USB Codec in the Audio I/O tab under Preferences, but still I get no sound from the mic… the only input is a nasty hiss. I’ve fiddled with the input levels to no result. The mixer itself, the microphones and all of the cables are working fine, as we use them for regular recordings… I’m obviously missing something here… I’d appreciate any advice.

thank you.

Could this be that ASIO drivers thing?


Make sure that you have the latest WDM drivers installed. They are available from the Alesis web site.

… there don’t seem to be any drivers availble from the Alesis website. I’ll poke around I guess…

The Alesis web site requires that you have Javascript enabled in your browser.

Which I do… and yet… the only downloads I can see on offer are technical manuals.

Go to this page:
Click on “Docs and Downloads” - this is where they use some fancy web stuff that I think is done with javascript and CSS - you should get a list of downloadable stuff, starting with Manuals and Documentation, and below that is Software & Drivers. If you’re using Microsoft Windows XP or Vista (32 bit version) then it’s the first item that you need “MultiMix USB 2.0 Drivers for Windows”. This should also be available on your installation disk, but downloading from their web-site ensures that you have the latest version.