UAC alert

I have a friend with an unusual problem - A UAC consent prompt (Do you want to allow the following program from an unknown publisher . . . . .) is triggered each time he starts Audacity.
I’ve reinstalled Audacity, but there is no change. I’ve installed the program on my own Win7 machine, and it starts with no problems. There must have been a change in Win7 (possibly an update??) to have triggered this. Unfortunately he can’t remember when it first happened, so trying to revert to a restore point will be somewhat onerous. One or two other programs also do the same thing, but there are other installed programs which don’t. So, can any of you bright sparks shed some light on this, and suggest how the situation may be rectified. Thanks in advanced.

Details are good. Which other programs do it and which don’t?

Audacity doesn’t respond to “reinstallation.” You have to also change some preference files that get left behind.


Windows controls this behaviour, not Audacity.

If there is a checkbox in this warning, uncheck it. Or right-click over the audacity.exe > Properties, choose “General” tab, then “Unblock” should do the same thing.

If there is no check box, try the first of the solutions in the post by “btk1w1” here: .

Note that the warnings are there for your own security.