Two track to one

I’m missing something simple, I’m sure. I have a skype interview with one track from the caller and one track of my voice. I want to create one mono track that includes both voices. Seems like I could just export to an mp3 and it would do this but it doesn’t. Any quick help listening in?


You have both tracks visible in the same instance of Audacity and they are stacked one above the other, right?
In the Track Details panel at the left of each track it says Mono for both, right?
You have got LAME installed, right?
You know from a previous test that you can export to an MP3 file, right?

Now you simply do File > Export and both tracks will be mixed into a new mono (possibly stereo) MP3. But this isn’t happening for you, is it? So, at what point is it “not right”?

Got it. I had to switch tracks from stereo to mono and export and it worked fine.