Two sources

I will be broadcasting sports games live, and I would like to record the games. I will be using a headset, boundary mic and mixer for the broadcast. Is it possible for me to record my play-by-play and the crowd noise into audacity at the same time?

Not quite enough pieces. I assume streaming, not broadcasting, so that takes up the sound channels in the laptop. If the mixer has an Effects Send, you can use that to send Crowd Noise Clean or Announce Clean into a separate laptop or recorder.

If it really is broadcast, then you’ll have a terminal or transmission point for the output of the mixer and use the laptop to record the Effects Send. If it’s a newer Mac or any Windows laptop, you’ll also need a stereo to USB device such as the Behringer UCA202.

Here’s one connected between my mixer and a Windows machine.


If that’s completely off the rails, then you need to correct me by throwing lots of fine details and part numbers. Which Boundary mic, etc?


It occurs to me to be clear that you can use the Effect Send to send a show mix to the second recorder. It doesn’t have to be just voice or just crowd. It will be mono, though, so if you’re producing a stereo show (I like stereo crowd. It sets the environment like nothing else) Effects Send won’t match, but it will give you a mix of the show without interrupting the Program Out of the mixer.

I have a larger mixer that has two effects sends, so in that case, I can actually reproduce the stereo show mix.


What is the difference between streaming and broadcasting?