Two projects at once

I’m using Windows 7 and Audacity v2.0.0, installed Feb ’12. I think it was installed using .exe, but I don’t remember for sure.

Can I work with 2 projects at the same time? I’m saving LPs to computer. I would like to save time by editing (click removal, add labels, etc.) one project while recording the next. Otherwise, I have to record and edit before I can move onto recording the next LP, which is much slower.

I wouldn’t recommend it unless you have two computers.
The main problem is that if you press play on the one that is editing, it will grab the sound card and the recording will probably stop, so the recording will be ruined and you will have wasted time setting up the recording and will need to do that again. There are also many other potential problems. If you really want to do two things at once so as to make best use of your time, it would be better if one of the tasks was washing the pots or some other unrelated task :wink: