two of the exact same mics

Hello im using Mac OS 10.4.5 and Audacity 2.3.3

I bought two USB microphones (C-1U Behringer). They are the exact same. I plugged them both in and set up an aggregate device adding both mics to it. When I go into Audacity and try to record however, it doesn’t pick up once of the microphones. (Yes i did switch to my aggregate mic within Audacity)

Is there a solution for this? Thanks in advance

You missed a diagnostic step. Do they both work one at a time without all the aggregate hoo-hah? I expect the Behringer stuff to work right out of the box, but it’s nice to cover that step.


Yes I check on GarageBand and sound preferences in settings. They both work. I fear that it has something to do with them being the exact same?

I plugged them both in

How? Did you go through a USB hub or other interface? This Air has two different USB connections, and the Mini has many, but many machines don’t any more.


Plugged them both into my MacBook Pro. It has 2 USB slots

Can GarageBand record from the aggregate device? If not, then your aggregate device may not be set up correctly. This article may help: