Two Mics

Ok… I’m very new to this, I’d like to record an informal podcast, 2 people talking, I have 2 USB mics plugged in and ready to go… now how do I record with the two mics using Audacity? as far as I can tell I can only pick one input device. Any help with this at all would be very appreciated.

where/what are the mikes plugged into ?
a mixer? external sound card? the two speaker outputs on your pc??

you can record two tracks with audacity
but that is one (stereo)_ device

if you can plug one mike to the left track
and one to the right track you can record both
separately on l/r track which is one recording for audacity

That is correct. Audacity can only record from one USB microphone at a time.

Are you using a mixer board of some sort? They take two microphones (or more) as input and put out one stream which can be plugged into the computer mic position. If you have a music store near you, you could try them, or go to one of the internet music places to find one - they are not expensive but will make the production a lot easier