Two features want to add

  1. Reset to default value
    I hope that there is a function to reset the value before changing the effect. For example, suppose I changed the (Effect>Amplify…) Amplification value from 1.350 to 2.350. However, I don’t like this, so I undo for audio and I want to change the value of the amplification back to 1.350. If 1.350 is stored as the default value, the user does not have to remember the value (1.350) and enter it again. It was also uncomfortable, if I don’t remember the original value, the effect cannot be reversed. (not meaning undo) I like the function ‘Preview’ but I wish it has a button to reset it at the default. (Attached picture is an example I wish to change.)
  2. Explanation for effects
    There are many effective items, so I have there is a brief explanation when I raise my cursor over each of them. For example, at “Effect>Amplify…” tab, if I place the cursor for a while, I want at the bottom right of the cursor, the description of the effect is summarized in one line. This is because there are so many effects and I need to access Audacity Wiki to learn about the effects I don’t know well. This was uncomfortable for me when I using various effects.
    Those are suggestions that from me, anyone else who felt comfortable like me?

For nearly all of the built-in effects, you can reset the effect by selecting “Manage button > Factory Presets > Defaults”.
More information here: Manage Presets - Audacity Manual

There are two effects that come to mind where this does not apply:

  1. Equalization effect: This effect had an earlier system for storing presets using a “Save / Manage Curves” button. The effect has not yet been fully converted to the new “Manage” system.

  2. Amplify effect: This effect dynamically sets its default amplification amount according to the selected audio. It always defaults to an amplification amount that will bring the peak level up to 0 dB. This is a “feature”, not a “bug”.

I don’t think it is currently possible to add “tooltips” to menu items. However, most effects carry a one line description in the “About” field of the “Manage” menu (click on the “Manage” button in the effect), and most also have a “?” (help) button that will take you to the manual page for detailed information.

Actually this does work (as intended) for Amplify - the “default” that can be reset with the Manage >Factory Presets is not a fixed figure, but will be the originally created one for the selected audio which raise the peak amplitude to 0 dB.


Maybe a separate effects browser? Left side of the window would have folder (etc) structure. Right side would have the info and controls of the effects. When the effect name is clicked on the left, the right side changes. Note: Android Studio’s UI creator, 3D editors, etc have this kind of system.

By the way, Ableton Live has separate area to which user places effect devices. Does Audacity need that kind of effect system?