Two different problems

First off, using Windows 10. And currently Audacity 2.2.1…I have been using 2.1.1 for some time with no problems. Tonight I was trying to record audio, and when I hit the record button, the recording “cursor” or line didn’t move, just flickered. So I just uninstalled it and installed the newest. I managed to record, but at first the “cursor” didn’t move, but when sound started,
it recorded. Ok…a little odd. Must be something new. So I wanted to delete about 5 seconds off the end, but when I try to delete the way I did with the earlier version, the delete option in edit drop down was gray, so I couldn’t. Also, I couldn’t get the cursor to “home position.” So what is going on with the latest? I wouldn’t think there would be problems like these on this version.

Are you using the same computer that you had here:
Try checking all the things that you checked there.

Also, is this the first time you have used Audacity since upgrading to Windows 10?

Sorry for the delay in replying. No, I bought a computer with Win 10 installed. I’ve not had this problem until about 2 weeks ago. Never had it not start recording until audio is present. I liked the ability to have a 3 or 4 second delay before I start audio. Seems like this was a fix that happened recently that I was not aware of. As I stated in my OP, I uninstalled 2.1.1 and installed the latest. Same thing. Plus I don’t like the interface (personal problem). So I uninstalled the newest and reverted back to the earlier one. Same thing. Is there a work around to this headache, or am I stuck with a poorer set up? I’ve been using audacity for some time and would like to continue to use it.