TV is ruining my life/recording.

I assume this is impossible. But I’m putting it out there.

I recorded a good hours worth of stuff to transcribe for a project in wednesday in a room where the TV didn’t seem half as loud as it came out on my dictaphone. I can barely make out any of the stuff I need because of bloody 100 greatest family films countdown or some rubbish. Help?!

So you can’t here your dictation because of the “background” TV noise?

Try restricting the audio bandwidth to around 300Hz to 5kHz - that may help by reducing the amount of non-speech noise.

To do this, use the Equalisation effect and turn down everything below 300Hz, and everything above 5kHz.

That’s what you get for not testing and/or monitoring your recording setup first. :wink:

I hope EQing helps. If it doesn’t you’re out of luck.