Turntable to Macbook to Audacity still not working. Is there person-person help?

We have tried everything we’ve found in the videos/forum/Audiotechnica manual, and still:

  1. We can see in the Mac preferences that the signal from the turntable is coming in but cannot hear it via the computer speakers.
  2. Audacity does not see/record the signal.
    Is there online, FaceTime help?

Windows guy here. Try Transport > Rescan Audio Devices, then Audio Setup. What version of Audacity are you running ?

No, but sometimes if you ask, someone on discord will do a live chat with you: Audacity

I’m also a Windows guy…

There are advantages to keeping the discussion & troubleshooting here on the forum - There are multitudes of people who may be able to help, and once it’s solved it should be helpful to others.

I don’t know exactly what that means but if OS X is getting the signal I’m confident that Audacity can record it.

All of these basic USB audio devices are Class Compliant so they work with the drivers built into OS X, Window, and Linux. It CAN work if the hardware is not broken.

If the privacy settings permit …

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