turntable not recognized

I am using Windows XP. The equipment I have was a gift at Christmas and the brand is metro from fullfillment house. My problem is that I can’t get my computer to recognize the turntable. I did notice the Audacity program sent with this device wasn’t updated so I reinstalled that one and added the most current program to see if that made a difference and it didn’t. Not sure if this forum is where I need to go or not, curious if anyone has used this system and had the same problem…if so what did you do about it?

Good. The recommended version of Audacity is the official release version, which is currently 2.0.5. The latest version is always available (free) from: http://audacityteam.org/download/

This is the right place for Audacity issues. We are not able to help with hardware problems - for that you need to go to the equipment manufacturer or the store where it was bought.

Audacity can only see devices after they have been recognised by the computer.
Generally it is best to connect the device, wait a few moments for Windows to recognise the device and make it available, and only then open Audacity.
If Audacity is opened before the device is connected you will need to use “Rescan Audio Devices” (Transport menu).
The USB option then needs to be selected as the recording input in the device toolbar. Usually you would set the “host” to MME.