Turn Off Microphone for on-line reecording

I’ve used Audacity for several years to record music off the internet – from radio stations, youtube, etc. – strictly for personal use. Recently after a major virus, had to re-install Windows and, in the process, lost Audacity.

Have now installed a more recent version of Audacity and when I try to record, I get noise, conversation, etc. from the computer’s microphone – this did not happen with previous version of Audacity and I wonder how I can turn off the microphone or mute it or something so I can just get the music I want to record. Not sure if I have to do something to my soundcard or if there is a “switch” somewhere in Audacity?

Thanks for any suggestions.


Not all computers do this because it’s a dance between the Operating System, the Drivers and the Sound Card. Change anything and it’s a coin toss. Typically, Windows has made this more difficult as the versions increased.


Thanks for that – I’m using the same computer and (I assume) the same Windows, but a later version of Audacity since I lost the version I was using when Windows 7 had to be reloaded. So that leads me to think something has changed in Audacity, but I’m d…ed if I can figure out what.

You may have different sound card drivers with you new installation so settings on your computer may be different from before.

The solution to the problem is likely to be somewhere on that page that Koz posted the link to. We can’t see your computer so it is difficult for us to be more specific.