*Tunnel Sound

Windows 7
Audicity 2.1.2
One of our attorneys recorded this and it sounds like she’s in a tunnel. I have attached a sample. I really don’t want to ask her to re-record since there are a lot of files she has done. Is there any possible way to remove / reduce the tunnel sound on an .aup ???
Thanks in advance.
LindaForum.aup (1.07 KB)

An “AUP” file is one part of an “Audacity project”. It is a small file because it contains no audio data, but that also means that we can’t hear what the problem is.
See here for more information about “Audacity projects”: http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/audacity_projects.html

The usual cause for that is “enhancements” that are applied by Windows during the recording. To avoid the problem, all “enhancements” should be turned off before starting the recording. See here for how to do that: http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/faq_recording_troubleshooting.html#enhancements

Unfortunately, if the enhancements were turned on during the recording, that can’t be fixed later.

I’ve attached the .wav file using the export feature. Supposedly, there were not any enhancements in Windows. The attorney is in another city, but IT checked her system to ensure it was properly set up. Also, she used a PortaBooth for recording and a USB mic.

That sounds very much like some sort of “noise reduction” or the related effect, “echo cancellation”. Going purely from the sound I’d guess that it has been applied by the Windows Sound Enhancements, though it’s possible that (too much) Noise Reduction has been applied by software after the recording was made. It doesn’t sound quite like the effect of overusing the Audacity Noise Reduction effect, but definitely some sort of noise reduction. No it can’t be fixed after the fact.

Thanks so much for your time.