Tunnel Sound

I use Windows Vista and have Audacity 2.0.6

I have been using you for quite a few years to edit audios for clients. I recently had to edit an audio and once I edited it I exported to a MP3 (same way it came to me), and when I went to listen to it, it sounds like they were speaking in a tunnel. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

once I edited it

And it sounded OK all during this editing?

I exported to a MP3 (same way it came to me)

That’s a danger sign.

when I went to listen to it


You may be experiencing why we tell people never do production in MP3.

Audacity doesn’t edit MP3. It converts an MP3 show to its own very high quality internal sound format and then does the editing to that. When you finish editing, you have to Export the new show to another MP3 and if you choose similar file sizes, the digital compression, bubbling, honking and other sound damage will double.

If you do this production editing just exactly wrong, you can slip over the MP3 quality boundary and create trash. For example, if you start with a perfect show, you can sneak an MP3 stereo conversion past most people at 64 quality, but if you drop below that, most people will notice the damage. So if they sent you 64 and you cut it in Audacity, you could now have a 32 show.


It’s also possible you’re trying to play the edited show on a machine with “Concert Hall Effects” running on the sound channels. I got stuck with that once. “Why does everything I do sound like Disney Concert Hall???”

You could have both.

So fill in the blanks. How did you listen to the edited show?


If it is the MP3 problem, you can re-export the show as WAV or other uncompressed format and it should sound perfect. If the station you’re delivering to posts an MP3 podcast in addition to the broadcast, the broadcast should be OK and the podcast will gargle and honk.

You did save a Project or WAV of the edit, right?

Once you build the curse of MP3 into your show, it follows you.