Tuning up a deep voice

Hi guys, i’ve been using Audacity for several years but never really got around to joining the forums.

Let’s get right to it: I have to do some recordings for broadcasting, as well as several demos, and one thing i’ve noticed is that the microphone i have is definitely NOT good enough to record my voice correctly, mainly due to the fact that i’m a bass. Right now getting a nice microphone is out of the question (and even then i’d need a pre amp to top it off), so i’m asking you guys for any ideas or suggestions in the matter of equalizing and using the effects provided to actually make it sound like my voice (no need to change pitch, add reverb or any of the sorts).

My apologies if this has been covered earlier, i’ve been doing some research on the matter but so far the most related topics here were refered to “how to sound like” or “how to make deep voice” and the like, i just need some basic tips on EQ and any other effects that may help me.

Thank you for the assistance, if you need anything else then please let me know.

You should post a sample of your voice.


You went all through that and didn’t tell us what your microphone was. What is it?

Most people fall face-first in the dirt not from the quality of the microphone, but the quality of the room.


This was a production mistake, but I save it because people generally don’t hear these kinds of errors until the first time they try to record something and play it back.

Then they post here:

  • How do I get rid of the dog barking?
  • How do I get rid of the echoes?
  • How do I get rid of the TV in the background.

You don’t. Any of those will kill your show.

People still rent sound studios for a reason.


I haven’t mentioned the mic because honestly it’s not even worth it, it’s one of those cheap desktop mics.

As for the room itself, i made sure there were no noises, so that’s covered and any small amount i can lower or get rid of completely.
I shall post a sample as soon as i can, i’ll update when i do.

Could try boosting somewhere in the frequency range 100-200Hz, by as much as 6dB, e.g. …
bassier equalization.png
Further reading … http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=why-does-my-voice-sound-different

it’s one of those cheap desktop mics.

Like the Logitech Desktop Microphone?


I have one of these and did a sound test or two that I now can’t find. As I recall, $19usd.

Slightly forward which you can cure with a “loudness” curve. We’ll see when you post.