Tuning my voice?

Hello folks!

I’m pretty much a complete noob when it comes to recording. I write/sing/record parodies of various things using Audacity, although I’ve never figured out what more than one or two buttons on Audacity do (and have been using it for years). I was googling around and just read about auto-tune, but don’t want to pay $130-$500 for some software - does Audacity have the ability to fine-tune a recording that I make to bring me in tune? Most of my singing is, but if I had the ability to run a vocal recording through some kind of filter so that it would correct anything I did wrong, that would be awesome.

Again, please remember that I’m a complete noobkins here, and probably only understand layman’s language.

<<<and probably only understand layman’s language.>>>


It could be a last minute entry as Audacity is constantly being improved and updated, but no, AutoTune will not run under Audacity.


Yes thank you, but I knew that from searching the forums and my question wasn’t whether auto-tune works with Audacity.

On Windows try G-Snap http://www.gvst.co.uk/gsnap.htm
On Linux try Autotalent by Tom Baran http://web.mit.edu/tbaran/www/autotalent.html

I downloaded Gsnap, and I have a .dll, but no instructions on what to do with it. :frowning:

To install new plug-ins, place them in the Plug-Ins folder inside the Audacity installation folder. On Windows computers, this is usually under “Program Files”. On Mac OS X, it is usually under “Applications”. Restart Audacity, then the Plug-ins will appear underneath the divider in the “Effect”, “Generate” or “Analyze” menus. For G-Snap it should be in the Effects menu


From the web site on-line instructions.

The DLL should go, I’m guessing on a Windows machine, the Plugins folder. Are there a bunch of other DLLs in there already to give you a warm-fuzzy feeling you got the right place?


OK, but we won’t be installing very many G-Snaps on a Mac, right?

Far as I know G-Snap is Windows only.
Autotalent is a LADSPA effect and should work on any platform but is only available as source code, so that will mostly be Linux users.
Are there any “auto tune” type effects available for Mac?

I was just about to hit up one of the heavy Systems Operators for compiling when this turned up…