Tuning fork Nyquist plugin

I have a question. What is purpose of tuning fork plug-in?
Because when I use It with Audacity, what this plugin can shows me?
For example, I would like to tone my musical instrument using Audacity. What should I do? Rather try something different, or which VST plugin?
Thank You.

Which plug-in are you referring to?

I am refering to Tuningfork generate plugin.

Where would I find that plug-in?

Plugin is in Generate Nyquist plugins audacity wiki under section with special tools.

This one? https://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/Nyquist_Generate_Plugins#Tuning_Fork

That just generates a tone of the specified frequency, which is basically what a tuning fork does, except that a real (mechanical) tuning fork is restricted to just one frequency, whereas the plug-in allows you to select the required frequency.

Yes, this one.
I would like to tune for example, My ukulele and I need some tones to listen. I am blind and I don’t use tuners, where You’d like to check on display due to this, that I am blind.

The person that wrote that plug-in (David Sky) was also blind.
Ukuleles are usually tuned to G, C, E, A, where the “G” is higher than the “C”. You could simply generate the tones with Audacity’s “Tone” generator, but here’s a plug-in that is probably easier.
I’ve just tested this plug-in to tune my Ukulele and I found it easiest to just use the “Preview” button rather than actually generating the notes into a track.
Here’s the plug-in:
UkeleleTuner.ny (417 Bytes)

I know It, because I play ukulele too. But, this plugin You have created now?
Thank You.

Yes, hot off the press. You have become the official tester of this plug-in - let me know how you get on with it :slight_smile:

If you’re interested in how the plug-in works, I’ve written a bit about it in my blog: https://audionyq.com/ukulele-tuning-tones/

Please, raise tones down -12 steps. Tones are in high octave, than It is to tune ukulele.

You can do that yourself if you have a plain text editor. (A good plain text editor for Windows is NotePad++, free from: https://notepad-plus-plus.org/)
You just need to change the notes “C5”, “G5” and so on, to “C4”, “G4” and so on.

Here It is edited.
UkeleleTuner.ny (417 Bytes)

Congratulations Giovani, you have successfully accomplished your first programming task :slight_smile:
That’s more or less how I started programming in Nyquist - by modifying plug-ins to suit my own needs, then gradually I began to write and publish my own plug-ins.