Trying to use condenser mic and not getting any audio

First time on this board and first time trying to make my way through Audacity 2.1.3–Windows 10—I have a 1-A Harlan Hogan Signature Series Microphone with a USB converter, but can’t seem to see any audio coming through the mic. The external hardware was detected and downloaded to the system. Any feedback on this…perhaps mic is not compatible with the Hogan condenser mic?

You should have the USB thingy selected as the recording device in Audacity, (not “stereo Mix”) …

a USB converter

Whose name is?

The USB converter might have a headphone port and you can use that as a check point for your microphone.

One very serious item you need to pay attention to is Windows 10. Whatever you plug into a Win10 machine should be certified Win10 for best and most reliable results. Win10 is a new Windows system and not an ordinary upgrade.

Also, I can’t get anybody to admit to an instruction manual for the microphone. Does it require 48v Phantom Power and does the USB adapter supply it? That might be full stop if there is a problem with that.


Thanks for the feedback…I will be looking into all points brought up—stay tuned.