Trying to use Audacity to edit a video so I can find the name of a song.

I’ve been trying to use Audacity to edit the sound at a certain moment of a song to make a song stand out enough for a device to be able to Shazaam it. There is a news reporter who is speaking in the foreground and her voice is so loud in comparison to the song I’m trying to find, my phone can’t Shazaam it. I’m aware you can remove the vocals of a song to quiet that down, but the problem is the song I’m trying to find also has lyrics, so along with the voice that’s speaking over the song, the voice that’s rapping will also be lowered. Can someone help me make adjustments with the video so I can edit it to the point where it can be Shazaamed? The song I’m trying to catch is at 10:25.

The audio at 10:25 is mono.
Audacity’s vocal separation tools require the music to be stereo and the vocal to be mono, so Audacity is unable to separate the music from the vocal.
Also, because the music is very much in the background, I doubt that other applications will be able to separate the music sufficiently well.