Trying to transfer from cassette tape to computer, and it keeps shutting off after few minutes

im just trying to transfer from cassette to computer and it starts fine then shuts down.

So a lot of people have purchased these “Super USB Cassette Capture” devices , and many of them have problems with them. This is why you never see more that 4 out of 5 stars in the reviews. Most importantly for you, no one seems to be able to get them to work consistently on MacOS, if at all. Did you save your receipt?

Do you have a recommendation?

Excellent question. The short answer is no. I seem to recall that the music industry lawyers were going after reputable audiophile manufactures against digitizing their music. I did a scan of available tape to USB devices and the best I could find was output to USB/MP3, so you could go that route.

A Pyle device has better ratings, but a user reported, “This is a pretty basic deck, but it worked. In the end I didn’t use the USB into form(sic) the deck into my Mac, I had an analog to digital converter that worked better.”

There was an ION Tape2PC device, but here is a report from the Apple community, “The IONTape 2PC is NOT compatible with the Mac OS Big Sur, period. It does not show up on Audacity or on Garage Band. Nothing works.”

OK, so it looks like you have three choices: 1) Find a PC where your device “might” work at least for a little while, 2) Convert your tapes to MP3, or 3) Add a USB A-to-D device, such as the Behringer UFO/UCA 202/222, etc. A lot of people have reported success with this device. :grinning:

Good luck.

I assume the computer is “shutting down” and the cassette player keeps working? If the headphone output continues to work you can connect the headphone-output to something like those Behringer interfaces. (The Behringer has RCA connectors so you’d need the correct adapter cable.) Or if you have another cassette player you can use it with a USB audio interface.

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