Trying to Save project for the first time

So I guess I was idiot and mixed and edited the first 10 minutes of a live podcast record before I went to save the audacity file as a whole. (Three different files at 2 GB each). It then tells me I haven’t enough disk space. Which I absolutely do. I tried to delete the history steps but there is no option to do so, I can go back through them, but not clear the history and all the memory it is taking up. BUT that memory is still less than I have. I have 65GB on my desktop and this file is saying it’s 24 in the History pane.

Help! I don’t want to have to start again in order to be able to save it. I am on High Sierra and Audacity 3.1.2.


Audacity versions before 3.1.3 (current as of this writing) could have data management problems. That’s why Audacity went through so many version updates so rapidly.

This is a three minute podcast, right?

Describe the show. Four people in the living room? Interviewing call-ins? Collecting and editing Zoom server recordings?

What’s supposed to happen is you do an interview or a live production segment and File > Export it as a perfect quality WAV (Microsoft) sound file. You can save it as an Audacity Project too, if you like, but that WAV export is important because WAV files are stable and less prone to odd Project failures and crashes.

It’s not a good idea to shoot a live segment and then dive straight into editing and correcting, particularly if you have other segments on that or neighboring timelines. Audacity forms UNDO at many edit points by saving a copy of the whole show, not just the edit you performed. Multiple copies of an 8GB or more production runs out of drive space pretty quickly.

And that snaps us back to the length of the show. Are there older shows posted we can listen to? Addresses?


Your file is 24GB? Did you use the envelope tool a lot? If so, you may have run into an obscure bug where Audacity creates millions of envelope control points.

Try exporting each track as a WAV or AIF file. Once you’ve done that and verified that the files exported properly (you should be able to play them in the Finder just by selecting the file then pressing the space bar) you can close your Audacity project without saving. Import the WAV or AIF files into a new project.

– Bill