Trying to replicate certain effect

Hello! I hope this is the right category to ask question like this - basically I’m working on a certain narrative project and trying to reverse-engineer certain effect:

While figuring out the reverb was nothing hard, there is that chiming echo in the background, as one of my more audio-oriented friend put, sounds like only reverb is being affected by some sort of “robot-like” plugin. Does any of you guys have any idea on how to reproduce that? :slight_smile: I would be super grateful for any suggestions!

So, I am not an effects wizard by any stretch of the imagination! But just to get your mind spinning, try using the Echo effect with a delay significantly less than 100th of a second. Then maybe repeat it a once or thrice with different delays.

I hope this helps. :smiley:

It’s ALMOST it. :smiley: Now I need to figure out the way to make this echo sound less robotic and more chime-like, but that’s pretty close to what I want to get, thanks!